Careers Day 2017


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February 9th 2017
Utrecht Science Park
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Carrièredag 2016

11 februari


Utrecht Science Park

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Every year the Careers Day takes place on behalf of Utrecht University. Our goal is to let (bachelor, master and PhD) students orientate themselves on the labour market and career opportunities. This is done by the Careers Day board through offering workshops, a company fair and individual interviews on February 9th, 2017.

When and where?

The Careers Day 2017 will take place on Thursday  February 9th, 2017 at the Uithof, Utrecht.


The Careers Day 2017 is organized for all students (bachelor, master, PhD) of Utrecht University.

Commissioned by

Utrecht University wants to provide students with insights into their career perspectives and ambitions, next to their studies. By organizing the Careers Day, we are able to offer a multidisciplinary academic platform that provides an optimal match between students and the labour market.

In collaboration with

Career Services, a new organizational unit of Utrecht University, encourages students to gain more insight into their motivations, talents and interests and to look for matching future opportunities.

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Partner of


Sustainable Motion is a nationwide company which commits to students and companies and allows them to increase knowledge within the theme of sustainability.

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We’re counting down for the Careers Day 2017.

See you there!