Career Services

Working together

Utrecht University wants to prepare their students as good as possible for the labor market. Career Services of Utrecht University was set up in the autumn of 2015 to build a bridge between students, education and the labor market. Career Services offers students, among other things, internal (tailor-made) training courses, individual coaching interviews, CV checks and information about alumni and their careers.

Career Services believes it is very important for students of Utrecht University to acquire relevant knowledge and experience for the labor market in addition to their studies. Career Services encourages students to participate in preparatory and orientating labor market activities.

Careers Day

Annually we organize the Careers Day in February, on behalf of Utrecht University, with the aim that students (both bachelor, master and PhD students) can orientate themselves on the labor market and on their career opportunities. Through workshops, a company fair and individual interviews with employers, visitors to this day get a better picture of the possibilities. Contact us for the possibilities!