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Utrecht University

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Utrecht University wants to provide students with insights into their career perspectives and ambitions, next to their studies. By organizing the Careers Day, we are able to offer a multidisciplinary academic platform that provides an optimal match between students and the labour market. For more information, visit the Utrecht University website.

Career Services

Career Services Utrecht University Careers Day

Career Services, a new organizational unit of Utrecht University, encourages students to gain more insight into their motivations, talents and interests and to look for matching future opportunities.

In addition, Career Services offers students networking opportunities and helps them learn how to apply for a job and do a job interview.

Career Services has a few partnerships with companies and organizations to collaborate on the connection between education and the labour market. Do you have any questions regarding these partnerships and what these could do for you? Please visit the Career Services website.



JabaTalks combines the resumé review process with an automated phone screen, providing hiring managers with insight to a candidate’s soft skills and experiences at the earliest stage of the hiring process. As a result, hiring managers are provided with a comprehensive view of the candidates allowing them to make more effective hiring decisions in less time. JabaTalks strives to provide every candidate with the best opportunity to express themselves beyond their resumé and find full-time employment. By creating a more holistic screening process, JabaTalks allows hiring teams to review more candidates in less time, resulting in a stronger and more diverse talent pool.




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