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career services

Career Services


About Career Services

Career Services, a new organizational unit of Utrecht University, encourages students to gain more insight into their motivations, talents and interests and to look for matching future opportunities. In addition, Career Services offers students networking opportunities and helps them learn how to apply for a job and do a job interview.

Workshops Career Services

In this session, you will find out more about yourself. An experienced career coach will encourage you to look at different aspects of yourself and your life to extract information for your future. By mapping your interests, capabilities, motives and career values, you will determine what is (most) important to you. After that, you can look for work that fits your preferences.

The job market offers innumerable possibilities. In this workshop, you will learn how to get a better understanding of organizations and positions. You will also learn how to use and improve the networks you belong to. You will also learn how best to present yourself to prospective employers by preparing a professional pitch.

Working mindful and effectively
How do you ensure that your efforts are effectively and efficiently directed while at the same maintaining your well-being under the onslaught? In this workshop, you’ll explore a model that helps you to set your priorities. This will help you plan your tasks. You will also learn to practice some mindfulness skills that provide a broader perspective and more calmness during a working day.